About Us
Hello and Welcome!! We are highly compassionate in our dealings with each and every visitor to our website. We hope that you will soon find comfort in knowing that you are dealing with a genuine, competent and highly committed team of people who are 100% committed towards the restoration of your health. Since October 2006 we have enjoyed an incredible success rate of 98.65% in helping over 24,000 people back to good health with Matula branded natural products.. This has been largely attributed to the high quality of natural ingredients, information, support and other solutions that we provide. If you have a question please contact us by email and our team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Our Mission Statement

First and foremost our mission at thrush-stops-here.com is highly focused on providing you, our valued customer, with unparalleled excellence, integrity and confidence in our service and educational content. We aim to go the extra mile to make absolutely sure that we will exceed your expectations.

Our Mission is to establish a considerably higher level of expectation within the Natural Health Industry for people, like you, who choose Natural or Complimentary Alternative Medicines as a safer way of achieving good health.

We have already been able to achieve this for the following reasons;

  • Firstly, we are highly selective and very thorough in investigating any products that we choose to promote. We only choose exceptional or breakthrough natural treatments that have been scientifically tested and proven, beyond doubt, to attain the highest levels of both Safety and Efficacy.
  • Secondly, what makes us really stand out alone is our policy to to provide you with total confidence and peace of mind with the information we share with you.
  • Lastly, we believe that you should take direct control of your health. You can do this knowing that you can rely on thrush-stops-here.com to deliver a collaboration of totally effective and trustworthy information gathered from a range of natural health experts.

Our Values Statement

We are uncompromisingly committed towards the following values:-

  • Exceeding Expectations with innovative Health Solutions and excellence in Customer Service.
  • Our primary motivation is our passion is to help you to regain control of your health and well-being.
  • Practicing the highest levels of Integrity, Respect, Trust, Commitment, Sincerity, Honesty and Excellence at all times.
  • Providing you with total confidence in our educational literature and recommended products.
  • Providing you with absolute facts about our products without any misleading information or claims.
  • Where possible, we provide a 100% money Back Guarantee on the products we promote.
  • We are able to verify all the information and claims that we make in our website.
  • Undertaking to answer all correspondence promptly and accurately.
  • Strictly keeping our promises to you as stated in our Privacy Statement.

Dankirzar Limited

The thrush-stops-here.com website is under licence to Dankirzar Limited, a New Zealand based marketing and consultancy company specializing in promoting niche market natural herbal products.
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